Imperial Nissan Parow in an abomination to the Nissan brand

Imperial Nissan Parow is probably the worst dealership I have ever encountered (They don’t deserve even single star, it’s only there because it’s the lowest available rating – had there been something lower, I would have given it).

Every time my car goes for a service there I have to chase them around for feedback, invoice, this-that ooooof!!! Once my car spent Tuesday, Wednesday (Public holiday) and Thursday – after having phoned on Tuesday to find out if the car was ready and they told me they would get back to me (which they never did).

I actually bought one of my cars there, what a mistake. I had previously bought a car at William Simpson Nissan (The Best of the best). The nightmare I had to go through before the car was delivered.

Thanks to Ricky (he is a shining light in that grim hell hole) who eventually stepped in and assisted things along.

No thanks to the smart-mouth New Car Sales Manager (whose name I have forgotten and hope to never remember) who had an answer for everything. Acting like a self-appointed god.

I can not wait for the day when we have to deal with machines (Artificial intelligence) not people who are full of false pride and prejudice. Who do their job SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY NEED A JOB. No real desire to serve customers.

Imperial Nissan Parow in an abomination to the Nissan brand.

It is incumbent on Imperial and Nissan to jointly take a serious look at this branch of their respective organizations.

You have nothing to lose by caring. And everything to gain.


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