Hugh Masekela battling prostate cancer

World renowned  jazz musician Hugh Masekela was was forced to cancel several of his upcoming shows once again, on the advice of his doctors. In a statement released on Friday he informed his fans that he has been battling prostate cancer since 2008.

“I have cancelled my commitments for the immediate future as I will need all my energy to continue this fight against prostate cancer,” jazz musician Hugh Masekela said in a statement released on Friday. He had cancelled shows and public appearances for two months, having undergone a medical procedure after falling and suffering a shoulder sprain.

“In April 2017, while in Morocco, I fell and sprained my shoulder. I began to feel an imbalance when I was walking and my left eye was troubling me.”

Speaking of his cancer treatment Hugh Masekela said in a statement, “the treatment seemed to be successful, but in March 2016 I had to undergo surgery as the cancer had spread.”

“Another tumour was discovered and subsequently, in September 2017, I had emergency treatment and the tumour was neutralised.” Hugh Masekela said he was in a “good space as I battle this stealthy disease”.

“This will be the only public statement I make on the matter, and I ask for privacy going forward so that I may rest and heal,” Hugh Masekela concluded in a statement.


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