‘If you are not happy, get the hell out’ – Pearl Thusi

“If you are not happy, get the hell out,” Pearl Thusi said speaking to DJ Fresh on Metro FM on Friday 22 September 2017. Pearl Thusi was previously in a relationship with sportscaster Walter Mokoena and later mother his child Thandolwethu Mokoena. In recent times she has been reportedly dating sportscaster Robert Marawa, it is understood that that relationship has since ended.

“The one thing that I regret on my mother’s behalf is that she didn’t leave my father. I used to beg her to do it. Their relationship did not look like a lot of fun and it was affecting us. She would say she stayed for me. I loved my dad and so if she didn’t want to leave earlier it was probably because she was worried how I would react, and I can accept that, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t leave,” Pearl Thusi said.

She went on to say she because of these experiences would rather die alone than let her daughter think she has to stay in a broken relationship to force her way into a man’s heart, “If you are not happy, get the hell out, unless you are really really willing to fight harder to make it work, and that is what I want for my child,” she said.

Pearl Thusi also revealed that as a child she grew up wanting to marry a white rugby player because of the way she saw white men treat women on TV.

“As a young girl, I never saw black men do right to any of the women I was exposed to and I was watching the Bold and The Beautiful and Days of our Lives and these white guys were doing the (right) things. I think it was a subconscious thing,” said Pearl Thusi.


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