“Where are the Verwoerds and others? Quote them.” President Jacob Zuma tells DA

President Jacob Zuma addressed a more friendly National Assembly yesterday due to the absence of most major opposition parties, most notably the Democratic Alliance and the Economic Freedom Fighters. This was during his reply to the debate on the Presidency’s budget.

The Democratic Alliance, Economic Freedom Fighters, United Democratic Movement and the Congress of the People boycotted President Jacob Zuma reply to the debate on the Presidency’s budget. This allowed the president a rare opportunity to address the houses uninterrupted for the first time in a long while.

During his reply he questioned the Democratic Alliance’s quoted of former African National Congress leaders such as Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela. “Where are the Verwoerds and others? Quote them.”  President Jacob Zuma told the DA.

Former DA leader Helen Zille is among those who introduced the culture of praising former ANC leaders and Mmusi Maimane has taken these lessons to heart – even using a Nelson Mandela recorded speech as the voice over during the election campaign.

President Jacob Zuma went on to criticize the opposition over their ability to listen or lack thereof, “they are here to say whatever they want, but they are not here to listen. Even in the debate, they can’t argue, they hurl insults. Oh, God. We are drugged by our own propaganda, some people.”


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