When the Party Ends

When the party ends the chances are that the revelers would stumble on home in their drunken state and sleep it off only to wake up to a massive hangover. The lucky ones remember the night before and are certain it went without incident and the even luckier ones don’t remember a thing which means even if something went wrong it doesn’t really matter because you couldn’t possibly worry about things you don’t know occurred in the first place. Google+

There are two aforementioned categories none of which most of us fall under; the best of us find our way home long after the party was over because we never wanted it to end. When we do eventually get there would would rather enjoy a night cap and reminisce about the near perfect jol we’ve just had. Shortly there after head to bed, with someone might I add; there you hope you are still able summon enough blood to get things going.

Hopefully all goes according to plan and you fall asleep off your own volition and even have a few seconds to pat yourself on the back for a perfect night and a job well done. For all it’s glorious moments the party will end and the morning after will come. The first thing that confronts you is the not so good looking stranger next to you in your bed; memory serves you right this couldn’t possibly be same person but you don’t remember when the switch took place – trust me, it’s the same person.

You are hoping she would just slip out without incident short of melting to avoid the awkwardness; there is always that part of introductions. Upon clearing that hurdle you proceed to the task of lifting your head of the pillow but the job proves more telling than you imagined, it feels like you have iron rods stuck in it. I dare you to go out there and ask anyone who knows how to party how they cure the hangover, of all the things you are going to hear, take it from me, picking up another drink and carry on where you left off a night before still works like a charm.

This is the 1st of January 2016 and what’s ahead is an entire year. The party is over and the kind of hangover you have right now will not be cured by a couple of beers, a shot of whiskey or an icy cold glass of Coke. The money that was spent in the last ten days is enough to make you scratch your head in awe. Even with all this financial and emotional hangover; the best of us can hardly wait to save up more money so that we can do it all over again at the conclusion of 2016.

What I, on behalf of Incwajana, can do is wish you a happy new year filled with joy and prosperity. Furthermore, I would like to thank you for your continued support. It is not us who make this website but you, our readers. We have high hopes that in the future we will improve it and make it a great experience for you.


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