Things fell apart for Brazil as Germany had the world standing at attention

Things fell apart for Brazil as Germany had the world standing at attention in a 7-1 trouncing of a host nation during the first semi-final match of the 2014 Fifa World Cup. Before the match began no one would have ever guessed of predicted that Germany would put 7 goals past Brazil, break their 39 year ‘undefeated at home’ streak and Germany’s Miroslav Klose would surpass Brazilian Ronaldo’s Fifa World Cup scoring record.

Klose and Lahm
Klose and Lahm

A match that all the makings of a classic, two football superpowers anywhere in the world, between them a mammoth eight Fifa World Cup titles.

Every stat there ever was, in favour of the host nation Brazil, undefeated at home for 39 years, Germany faced a challenge compounded by history.

It had to be the boy-wonder lucky number 13, interpreter of space Thomas Müller who started things off on the 11th minute when he successfully interpreted space while Brazil was taking a moment to nap during the corner-kick.

In their usual fashion, Germany is never discouraged from attacking by any advantage they have and this was the case on July Thomas-Mueller8, 2014 at Estádio Mineirão in Belo Horizonte.

On the 23rd minute, Germany embarked on the greatest 10 minutes of each and every footballer who wore the Germany jersey at Estádio Mineirão on the day.

Miroslav Klose climbed to the summit of the Fifa World Cup scoring records when he scored his 16th goal on the 23rd minute and extended Germany’s lead to 2-0.

Toni Kroos extended Germany’s lead to 3-0 on the 24th minute and to 4-0 on the 26th minute, virtually sealing Brazil’s fate in the 2014 Fifa World Cup.

KroosOn the 29th minute, midfield kingpin Sami Khedira added his name to the score sheet and put Germany 5-0 ahead of Brazil.

Scolari sought inspiration from Paulinho and Ramires at the beginning of the second half, Ramires inspiration to young Brazilians who seemed lost, confused, out of sorts and dejected in the face of the unrelenting German onslaught but Paulinho even more inspirational.

André SchürrleInspired they may have been but André Schürrle’s introduction undid all of that sent the home team back into the dark hole of sorrow and despair.

On the 69th minute André Schürrle made it 6-0 to Germany and made 7-0 on the 79th minute, by this time Scolari was more dejected than his youthful squad who found themselves on unfamiliar territory and without answers to questions posed to them by the German masterclass.

GermanyWhen it was almost certain that Brazil will go home without indication their presence at Belo Horizonte, Oscar scored Brazil’s first and only goal right on the 90th minute and 3 minutes later Scolari and his boys were put out of their misery by the final whistle.


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