The Hit Makers

The South African Music industry has grown so far and wide, it has become nearly impossible to keep up. In the face of this growth some have managed to maintain their hit maker status, some have managed to break in to the fold and some have fallen off the pace.

Undoubtedly, only a few have stood the test of time:

1. Oskido;






To all the pretenders and contenders to the hit maker throne, Oskido is the rightful King. His staying power has long passed keeping up, he is now setting the standard, if you are not keeping up with Oskido and his Kalawa Jazmee Records, you are not in the same league as them, in fact, you are not even playing the same sport.

I particularly remember Oskido when he was still popular as Oscar/ Oscar Warona, it was during the times of Brothers of Peace (B.O.P.). Very few from that era can say they’ve maintain the standard or managed to stay relevant in the midst of such change.



2.Black Coffee;

DJ Black Coffee





Black Coffee finally managed to rise from the shadows of the giants that preceded him, he is now a giant in his own right. While Black Coffee is said to have been in the music industry for at least 20 years, he would not rise to prominence until as recent as 10 years ago.

Today Black Coffee has released four albums, two of those being certified Gold and the latest, Africa Rising, being the ultimate sensation and reaching double platinum status.



3. Fresh






They call Stephen Keshi “The Big Boss”, The Big Dawg is “the big boss”. Nowadays Fresh is widely known as an opinionated¬† radio DJ on 5 fm but he is in fact another one of those, a hit maker.

Fresh is not popular for studio albums, he is popular for his compilations which have been said to be aimed at bridging the divide between what is, in South Africa, considered “black” and that which is considered “white” music.



4. Tira






Tira, once one half of the Durban’s Finest with Sox, now a king of his own castle Afrotainment. Tira continues to remain relevant in a Johannesburg controlled, bruising industry. One might argue that his decision to remain in Durban was perhaps his saving grace.

Afrotainment is now up there with the best industry leaders, and continues to produce hit after hit; hit album  after hit album; under the guidance of DJ Tira, perhaps with the Big NUZ being the main anchor of the stable.



5. Sbu






A super talent, an even better businessman and philanthropist. Once fielding the question of who exactly was Mzekezeke, Sbu is no new kid on the block.

His hit making streak, coupled with a controversial career as a radio DJ and unearthing of new talent among other business ventures and philanthropic endeavors; has solidify Sbu’s place in the history books of South African Entertainment.



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