Supporting no confidence vote is not against ANC – Khoza

African National Congress MP Makhosi Khoza is encouraging her fellow members to vote with their conscience regardless of the backlash they may face from the party. Makhosi Khoza posted on Facebook on Monday morning that she was aware of how hard it will be to vote against Zuma, and that the vote was not against the ANC.

“Supporting a vote of no confidence is not against the ANC, but against the kleptocracy President Zuma has developed during his tenure as the leader of the ANC and of the country. It is a vote against corruption, it is a vote to protect the security net that is critical to our citizens and a defense of our democracy,” said Makhosi Khoza.


“Today I call on MPs to vote with their conscience. The road will not be easy but we will walk it together. We must do the right thing, and the right thing is to support tomorrow’s vote of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma,” said Makhosi Khoza.


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