SunChez Cpt

SunChez Cpt is a South African recording hip hop group that consist of two members Gizmo (Cheslyn Michael Cupido) and Dro (Sundro Joe Naidoo). The group is based in Cape Town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

Dj Ready D and SunChez
Origin Kensington, Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa
Members Cheslyn Michael Cupido
Sundro Joe Naidoo
Genre Hip Hop
Since 2014 – to date
Associated acts DJ Johnny
Leeron Malgas
Zaheer Davids
Label Lickbass Productions
Agent Unknown
Website Unknown

SunChez is Hip Hop group that was formed in 2013 by Gizmo (Cheslyn Michael Cupido) and Dro (Sundro Joe Naidoo) in Kensington, Cape Town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

The two met in 1991 at Kenmere Primary School and they  were class mates for the rest of their primary years, and attended Kensington high school and were class mates the rest of their high school years.

He [Cheslyn] said “they began rapping and free styling in high school always passionate and friends always influenced us to steer towards our passion and make ourselves proud of what we doing”.

And they met DJ Johnny (Jonathan George) in high school, whom they wrote a song about him “Johnny You’re the Best” who also worked on that song.They recorded their music under his recording company.

After high school they were separated but Gizmo and Dro had to look for jobs and Johnny went to study sound engineering at Cape Music Institute.

While they were working for the same company Gizmo and Dro they were reunited with their high school friend who had became a DJ and a founder of Lickbass Productions.

He [Gizmo] said “they didn’t stop doing music they continued free styling when they with friends and parties but they didn’t get exposure, but when they linked with Johnny again things changed and he helped them take things to the next level and doors started to open for them like having their music played on Good Hope Fm, and rubbing shoulders with the great musician “.

They [SunChez] said ” they got recognition through producing, making beats and tracks with Johnny back in the days, we became close friends because we had the same common interest”.

“They compliment each other Gizmo has an artistic desire combined with a creative passion as well as vibrant energetic flow that is boosted , driven by pure and absolute passion, delivering a supreme experience when expressed in it’s most organic form or raw talent”.

They [SunChez] said ” Dro subliminal style and street smart style, which means nothing in life comes to you easy. Taking the hard route even if it means sacrificing all that you have to make it in life despite the difficulties”.

They say music has given them the voice to conscience to everyone that can connect to the story they have to tell. And they love what they do because it keep them creatively busy, networking, meeting and working with different people.

And they learn different things, music is like life skills, a freedom to live without resistance (Equality & Freedom).

They’ve performed and recorded their music with DJ Johnny such as their popular tracks – Johnny you’re the best, every night and Dreams.

They’ve worked with different artists and groups in Cape Town one the artists is Leeron Malgas of the Idols SA fame in 2013 who is from the same neighborhood as SunChez, and Crimson league, Sergio,Mishkah and Anthea.Leeron Malgas

And from late last year they’ve had a busy schedule with gigs every month, in a short space of time they’ve recorded 8 tracks and short one video of their track dedicated to their friend and producer DJ Johnny. They were part of the Cape Town Carnival with Flywheel Custom bikes of Zaheer Davids.

They said “our brand represent us ‘SunChez’ ,we had an opportunity  to represent on Good Hope FM Cypher Session with DJ Ready D major big ups, with so little time we make every second count, so live to the fullest most important we have fun and enjoy what we do”.

They’re music they say is for everyone it’s not for a specific group or class and it’s very inspiring, they said “Life  in the pursuit of happiness, the Journey continues, as we continue to inspire others to encourage them to live ‘the dream’ let’s support it and turn it into reality”.




Year Song Record Label Notes
2014 Johnny You’re the Best Lickbass Productions SunChez Cpt
2014 Every Night Lickbass Productions SunChez ft Crimson League
2014 Dreams Danro Gizmo ft Leeron
2014 Hip Hop Ave Lickbass Productions Gizmo ft Mishkah
2014 The Love (Remix) Lickbass Productions Dro ft Leeron (Youngsta Sample)
2014 Back in the Day Lickbass Productions Gizmo
2015 Destruction / I Hear the Cops Lickbass Productions SunChez ft Crimson League
2015 Cops Coming Lynexbeats SunChez ft Crimson League



Community Project

Revive #595They’re involve in a community project called Revive #593, they [SunChez] said “the community project started when we heard about what was happening in our community.We currently have something called Revive #593, which is a community and social development through social economic programs for youth in Kensington”.