Steve Biko birthday doodle

Steve Biko was an anti-apartheid activist in South Africa in the 1960s and 1970s, until his death. He died while in police custody following a 22 hour interrogation which took place in Police Room 619 of the Sanlam Building in Port Elizabeth and a more than 1000 kilometers to Pretoria.

Steve Biko would have been 70 years old today and Google paid tribute to the late anti-apartheid activist. He was a student leader who went on to found the Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) which empowered and mobilized much of South Africa’s urban black population.

In post-apartheid South Africa Steve Biko remains a heavily influential figure. His philosophy and ideology is revered across the political spectrum in South Africa.

He has also received numerous honors which seek to immortalize his name. These include main Student Union buildings of the University of Cape Town are named in his honour and each year a commemorative Steve Biko lecture, open to all students, is delivered on the anniversary of his death.

The largest campus of the Durban University of Technology is named in his honor and  the University of Manchester’s student union, the Steve Biko Building, on the Oxford road campus, is named in his honour. Ruskin College, Oxford has a Biko House student accommodation.

On Sunday December 18, 2016; responding to the Google doodle, the Steve Biko Foundation tweeted, “Great to see that #SteveBiko is on Google Doodle today in honour and commemoration of his 70th birthday today”.

The foundation Chief Executive Officer Obenewa Amponsah said Biko has inspired many people around the world, “I think the interest in Steve Biko’s legacy speaks to the fact that it’s relevant for so many people; issues of consciousness – people asking themselves ‘who am I?’, issues of equality and people doing things for themselves, by themselves still resonates. We are deeply honoured that so many people have joined in remembering who he is”.


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