Sindisiwe Manqele a woman accused of Flabba Murder out on Bail

Sindisiwe Manqele a woman accused of Flabba Murder out on Bail following her appearance at Alexandra Magistrate Court in Johannesburg, Gauteng on Monday of March 16, 2015. Google+

Sindisiwe ManqelaSindisiwe Manqele has been held since the Monday of March 9, 2015 in the morning of Flabba’s death at his him in Alexandra, Johannesburg.

She spent Monday night (March 9, 2015) in the holding cells of Alexandra Police Station, on Tuesday (March 10, 2015) after her court appearance, she was transferred to Johannesburg Prison.

Sindisiwe Manqele‘s lawyer, Amanda Vilakazi, requested that the Alexandra Magistrate Court grant her client bail as she was suffering from injuries and posed no flight risk.

Amanda Vilakazi, the lawyer of Sindisiwe Manqele, also reportedly said her client would surrender her passport to the police.

Sindisiwe Manqele pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder and told the court that she acted in self defence.

She was granted a bail of R10, 000.00 (Ten Thousand Rand); the magistrate (Gideon Schnetler), on granting bail to Sindisiwe Manqele, said there was no evidence she further inflicted harm on herself after attempting to commit suicide by slitting her wrists.

Her bail conditions include reporting at the Midrand Police Station every Wednesday and Friday, and informing the investigating officer if she left Gauteng province.

She is expected to return to court on May 13, 2015 after the investigation has been carried out.

Sindisiwe Manqele is 26 years, it has been reported that she is a student at Griffith College in Dublin, Ireland.

In South Africa she reportedly lives with her parents in Birch Acres, Kempton Park in Gauteng.

Sindisiwe Manqele allegedly stabbed Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi to death in the early hours on Monday morning of March 9, 2015.

Flabba was a South African famed musician who rose to prominence as the member of the hip hop group, Skwatta Kamp.

He was laid to rest on Sunday March 16, 2015 at West Park Cemetery in Johannesburg.



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