Seven days after the South Africans voted

Seven days after the South Africans voted in the 5th Democratic General Elections it remains evident that despite a country depicted at war with itself, South Africa is far from it.

IECThe generally peaceful nature of these elections were a far cry from the devastating events that saw the loss of a life of a Free State protester, the Mozambican national Mido Macia and many others who have lost their lives as a result of the recklessness of South Africa’s law enforcement agencies.

The May 7 elections did not go without incident, they were multiple incidents reported across the country and some may never even have been reported due to the remoteness of some part of South Africa.

All of this considered, not everyone was satisfied but the general consensus among the party leaders, the voters, the observers as well as the IEC is that they went as well as could have been expected.

The DA’s growth is proof that the multi-party system works and people are becoming more and more open to considering other options.

Out of over 25 million people registered to vote, over 18 million turned up and cast their vote.


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