SAFA should renew Gordon Igesund’s contract but then again, who said football administrators were smart?

Gordon Igesund is by far the most qualified person anywhere in the world to lead the South African Senior Men’s National Team (Bafana Bafana), his experience and success in the Premier Soccer League should be evidence enough to the South African Football Association that he understands these players, how they should play and what it takes to inspire them.

Gordon Igesund
Gordon Igesund

Igesund, unlike any foreign guy who is going to be brought in at exorbitant amounts of money, possess something far more important, patriotism. South Africa is his home, beyond career and money there is national pride and history waiting to be made. His brief spell at the helm of Bafana Bafana showed glimpses of excellence and it is not farfetched to think that in the future he would have hit his strides.

The saddest part of this whole thing is that SAFA is so desperate for quick and easy success that they will never have because they are not prepared to put in the hard yards, they are not prepared to get stuck in and endured in the face of a string of poor and varied results. A good football coach is exactly that, a good football coach and SAFA hired one in Gordon Igesund and now they are firing him.

Only idiots do not know what is going to happen if a foreign coach is appointed to lead Bafana Bafana, that person will not contribute anything towards the future of the South African football, they will not lay any foundations to which we can build on and when they eventually get fired which they will, they will not leave any legacy. In fact they will be nothing but a figment of our imaginations.

Under Gordon Igesund, although not every single time they stepped into a football pitch, we saw the most inspired Bafana Bafana since Clive Barker led the side. It is also worth mentioning that when Gordon Igesund took over Bafana Bafana, the players were not inspired, they lacked confidence, they were defeated and dejected and wearing a Bafana Bafana jersey was the same as wearing the badge of shame. SAFA-hired Pitso Mosimane had disgraced and degraded the national team and pissed all over it, as if that was not enough he sued SAFA for some more money on top of that he lost for them when he undermined and degraded the Bafana Bafana brand.

It is a fact that Rome was not built overnight and SAFA should allow themselves the time and opportunity to learn what that means. Every renowned football coach in the world was once a ‘nobody’ and some club or national football association had faith in them that in the future they will become giants of the game who will lead, bring about a new era of the game and write a new chapter in the history of football. Gordon Igesund is our ‘nobody’, he has the brains and the patience, and he can do it given a chance and enough time.

Bafana Bafana will not win the world cup in 2018, it is not unthinkable that Bafana Bafana may not qualify for the 2015 AFCON much less win it or qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, however, it is also not unthinkable that with enough intelligence and patience (patience is a hallmark intelligence) Bafana Bafana will win the AFCON again and could win the World Cup.

The issue of SAFA, Gordon Igesund and African Football as a whole goes back to the issue allowing ourselves the opportunity learn through experience and hardship, and eventually become experienced in knowing how to recognize an opportunity and how to capitalize on it. SAFA should not be firing Igesund, they should be recognizing the opportunity he is for us, they should be recognizing the foundations he has laid in the past two years and the legacy, though in its infancy, he had just began creating.

Two years from now, the person who is going to be appointed this weekend, especially if they are not South African, will be long gone because they have no knowledge of South African football, South African culture, way of life or any understanding of what makes a country like South Africa ticks. To all probability, that person is nothing but a careerist and world explorer who sees an opportunity to travel the world and spend some time in South Africa. I am absolutely certain that they do not believe, not in the slightest, that South Africa is capable of competing with the world’s best in football.

The good thing for SAFA is that when you are deprived of intelligence you are unable to recognize your own stupidity otherwise they would not have changed more football coaches than the combined number of their underwear in 2o years (if that makes any sense at all).

SAFA should be asking Igesund what kind of support he needs to strengthen the team, what should be done to assist him further in his pursuit of success in the football pitch. SAFA should be hiring world class analysts, scientists, psychologists and other leading specialists and equipment that will assist Igesund and his men in achieving success in Africa and across the globe.

BY THE WAY; Gordon Igesund is not my father, uncle, cousin, brother, grandfather, friend, former coach or anything like that, in fact I have never even met the fella. I just believe that he is what Bafana Bafana and SAFA need for the foreseeable future.


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