Who is South Africa’s Best Stand Up Comedian

It is not a very simple question, there are some really good comedians out there, in fact there is a guy from Kwa-Zulu Natal named Justice, that guy is too good. I may have seen this guy on TV or somewhere a while back, I don’t remember exactly where. I guess he’s among those who are yet to reach prominence.

Then there are a lot of guys who have, too many of them, the likes of Kagiso Lediga, the guy’s been around the block so long he’s starting to look like a block, Tats Nkozo of LNN with Loyiso Gola and SA ‘s Got Talent fame fame and Riaad Moosa of the Material and LNN with Loyiso Gola fame. I could go on all day long. The fact of the matter is, there is no shortage of talent in the South African Comedy Scene.

In my opinion, here are some of the guys who will leave you in stitches;

1. Loyiso Gola

Loyiso Gola
Loyiso Gola

Gola’s commentary is unforgiving and can sometimes seem a bit harsh but it is without question that he South Africa’s comedy guineas.

Gola’s Late Night News’s become a permanent fixture in the South African Entertainment fabric.

His ability to take your attention if you fail to give voluntarily is precisely what sets him apart from the rest, politicians were worried about him at one point.

He pushes and shoves to make a point, for the most part, point that many are unable to put across.



2. Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah

Noah is, by all accounts, South Africa’s boy wonder. From SABC’s Isidingo back then to YFM and I believe he had a stint with The Real Goboza.

Fast forward a few years, it’s performances on  The Tonight Show and The Late Show.

Arguably back here at home, he is best known for his Daywalker and Cell C advertisements.



3. Marc Lottering

Marc Lottering
Marc Lottering

You can put the statue of this guy in the middle of the city if you like.

Lottering is among the pioneers of South African comedy, he is perhaps the very first stand up I knew about ahead of any local of international act.

However, that is not what’s impressive about this gentleman, what is, is that he has stayed and he could very well be creditedas the mainstay of South African Comedy.



4. David Kau

David Kau
David Kau

Kau is among the kids who have been around the block several times and he has managed to sustain his act and has kept the pace with the new kids on the block.

One of my ultimate favorites, along with the likes Joey Rasdien, David Kibuuka and Kagiso Lediga.

Kau also has a bit of a film history, along with his buddies, he’s been on Laugh Out Loud, Blitzpatrollie and Bunny Chow.



5. Barry Hilton

Barry Hilton
Barry Hilton

This guy doesn’t have to say anything, I look at him I laugh from the expectation that he’s about to say something funny, he would have been a good comedian for dictators because of his likeable nature and appearance.

Hilton has been part of the comedy landscape for a mammoth 30 years, it is amazing that remains relevant to this very day.

Nowadays, Hilton is known for his appearances in those insanely funny Savannah advertisements and films such as Finding Lenny and Outrageous.


6. Mongezi Solomzi Ngcobondwana  AKA Tall As Mo

Tall As Mo & wife
Tall As Mo & wife

A gifted young man who hold a lot of promise, he’s already got the look pinned down, he’s got the material. Tall Ass Mo is the glimpse into the future.

Why he’s garnered relative popularity, I have no doubt in my mind that his best days are just around the corner.

He is funny, he is unique, he’s a bit crazy not to mention his wife.



7.  Nik Rabinowitz

Nik Rabinowitz
Nik Rabinowitz

Rabinowitz of the Coca-Cola Megamillions Gameshow, The Week that Wasn’t and South Africa: Long Walk to a Free Ride fame is another comedy super power in South Africa.

He’s a UCT graduate, he speaks Xhosa and he’s oh well, who knows what’s politically correct and what isn’t these days.

One way or the other, Rabinowitz is a comedian worth your time and attention.



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