Rooiboke, April Fools’ Joke

Rooiboke, April Fools’ Joke. It is funny to think that we all know about April Fools yet every year we still fall victim to yet another fresh prank.

Case in point, why would anyone introduce the change as dramatic as changing the colors of the Springbok jersey on April 1 of all days.

Never the less, unsuspecting Springbok diehards got-got on this day when Eyewitness  News served as a vehicle in an elorate prank to lead the loyal fans of the Springbok to believe that Absa wants the team to abandon Green and Gold in favor of Red and Gold which would fall in line with Absa colors.

Absa is the sponsor of the Springboks and this became a point of contention that money will always trump tradition.

However, it is worth mentioning that not everyone was vehemently against the change, some brushed it off  and took comfort in the fact that the Springbok symbol will be maintained.

As we have all since learned, the whole thing was never true to begin with, it was an April Fools’ Joke.

Absa also mentioned that it was also directed at drumming up support ahead of the unveiling of the Springbok’s new jersey.


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