President Jacob Zuma not opposed to state capture inquiry

President Jacob Zuma was addressing parliament during the presidency budget vote when he revealed that he was not opposed to the inquiry into the Gupta family influence to government articulated in the state of capture report which was among Thuli Madonsela’s final contributions to South Africa as a public protector.

The state of capture report sought to examine and made known the extent of the of the power the Gupta family has on the South African government. It is understood that the report implicated numerous ANC politicians including President Jacob Zuma who was once nearly left holding the Arms Deal bag.

President Jacob Zuma told parliament that he had challenged the Thuli Madonsela report because of the manner in which it directs that remedial action be carried out, “it infringes on the right of the president and if left unattended it will set a wrong precedent for future presidents”.

“We fully support an inquiry as it will help to uncover facts and remove rumours about the extent of State Capture,” President Jacob Zuma said while addressing parliament during the presidency budget vote.


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