Poppy Ntshongwana

Poppy Ntshongwana is a South African radio DJ of the Fresh Drive fame, SABC Radio’s 5FM afternoon show hosted by legendary Tswana/ South African DJ, DJ Fresh and the Fresh Drive Crew.

Born Poppy Ntshongwana
January 26, 1984
Eastern Cape
South Africa
Education Pretoria University
Occupation Radio DJ
TV Personality
Since 2003 – to date
Agent Unknown
Website Unknown

Poppy Ntshongwana was born in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

She grew up in Pretoria, Gauteng Province, South Africa.

Ntshongwana went to St Mary’s DSG in Pretoria and later attended a boarding school in Grahamstown at the Diocesan School for Girls.

After finishing high school she went to Pretoria University to study politics.

While at Pretoria University, she began her radio career at Tuks FM in 2003.

Her work at Tuks FM  drew the attention of SABC Radio’s 5FM.

In 2005 she was head hunted by 5Fm and later successfully brought on board and she has been there since.

Ntshongwana began on 5FM as a newsreader before joining the Fresh Drive team.

In 2007 she got her own show, New Sound Selection, while remaining a member of the Fresh Drive. The New Sound Selection aired every Sundays for one hour from 17h00 to 18h00.

She was then moved to another show, The Global Express chart show , still remaining on the Fresh Drive.

The Global Express chart show was longer than The New Sound Selection and it it aired every Saturdays from 10h00 in the morning  to 14h00-in the afternoon.

Ntshongwana also headed 5FM’s early breakfast show, a show that went on air before that of the famed and controversial former 5FM DJ Gareth Cliff, from 03:00 to 60:00 in the morning.

She also had her own show every Sundays from 10:00 in the morning to 14:00 in the afternoon as well as heading the Power Night of Pop on Tuesday nights from 22h00 at night to 23h55 just before midnight.

These day Ntshongwana enjoys her own show, House of Poppy, the show airs weekdays form 10:00 in the morning to 14:00 in the afternoon.


Other Projects

She was part of the 4th season of the Tropika Island of Treasure which took place in Mexico.

Ntshongwana is a also a club DJ and she took part in the Cape Argus Cycle Tour.



Year Title Role Notes
2012 10 over 10 Herself Commentator
2012 The Comedy Central Roast Herself Comedy Show
2012 Tropika Island of Treasure Mexico Herself Reality Show




In late 2013, Ntshongwana was embroiled in a scandal over the exchange physical blows with fellow celebrity Bonang Matheba during the Fresh Drive trip to the party in the Island of Ibiza.

Ntshongwana, who had traveled to Ibiza with the Fresh Drive; and Matheba, who had accompanied her boyfriend DJ Euphonik; also of 5FM, were involved in a cat fight over Matheba’s alleged jealousy of Ntshongwana and Euphonik’s friendship.