Penny Sparrow’s Racist Facebook Post Inspired a Barrage of Racism

Penny Sparrow is KwaZulu-Natal based estate agent who took to Facebook to express her disgust with black people after (according to her) they were allowed loose, an act which she described as “inviting huge dirt and troubles and discomfort to others.” Penny Sparrow went on to declared, “from now on I shall address the blacks of South Africa as monkeys. Google+

Penny-sparrowPenny Sparrow’s full post read, “These monkeys that are allowed to be released on New Year’s eve and New Year’s day on to public beaches towns etc obviously have no education what so ever so to allow them loose is inviting huge dirt and troubles and discomfort to others.

“I’m sorry to say that I was amongst the revellers and all I saw were black on black skins what a shame. I do know some wonderful and thoughtful black people. This lot of monkeys just don’t want to even try. But think they can voice opinions and get their way of dear,” Penny Sparrow continued in her racist Facebook post. “From now on I shall address the blacks of South Africa as monkeys as I see the cute little wild monkeys do the same, pick and drop litter,” Penny Sparrow declared.

Penny Sparrow - Racist RemarksShe then deleted the post from her timeline and later posted a somewhat bizarre less than half-hearted apology  which read, ” I apologize for my statement I made in reply to a statement I read about dirty beaches on new years day. I did not mean it to be a personal insult to anyone. It was a statement I made in reply to comment on how littered the beaches and streets were on New Years Day.

“I’m sorry you have taken it personally. Its not meant to be a personal thing. If you read it properly you would have seen I’m not Racial, in fact I help underprivileged people of all races. Please accept my apology I didn’t mean to anger you,” she wrote in response to the reaction to her racist Facebook post.

Penny Sparrow _Racist RemarksFollowing her original post Penny Sparrow received a lot of support from other social networkers who echoed her sentiments with a user named Justin Van Vuuren writing “There is no control over these animals! Our promenade smells like piss and shit and I hate it! The municipality need to stop this! These ppl are destroying the beach! Go back back (sic) to where you came from and take 13 kids with you!” The aforementioned user also later apologized.

A user named Edwin La Fontaine wrote, ” This type of behavior makes apartheid seem only solution that could have worked for SA”. While a user named Carron Nadauled Gouws wrote, “The truth is without the whites landing in SA and making it civilised all you blacks would still be living in the bush in your mud huts with cow dung floors wearing skin and hunting for food .. So you all go back to the bush – or better still back to North Africa and leave the Western way to the whites who created it … No black person thought of making anything better in SA and yet you say it’s yours … You are just users and abusers – simple fact! Takers and give nothing but trouble and chaos and mess everywhere you go.

Penny Sparrow - History of RacismIt has since been revealed that Penny Sparrow has a history of racism with a December 2014 post which was critical of the current South African and Zimbwean governments as well as Eskom. The same post went on to praise Ian Smith (former Prime Minister of Rhodesia, today’s Zimbabwe) and the apartheid government, ‘”of these problems  when the country was Looked AFTER BY WHITE EDUCATED PEOPLE.

Jawitz Properties CEO Herschel Jawitz told the news that Penny Sparrow had left the company two months ago, her online profile still associated her with their brand. “She is an ex-employee and unfortunately she hadn’t updated her Facebook page that still reflects her as employed by Jawitz Properties.  The most important fact is that these comments are outrageous in any context and to be made publicly is unacceptable.

“Unfortunately we have been associated with her and our brand is taking the heat and they [her comments] are not in any manner or form what we stand for or what we believe in. They would not be tolerated in our company and we are a proudly South African [company]. The public anger is justified,” Herschel Jawitz  was quoted saying.



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