National Human Rights Day Commemorated in South Africa

National Human Rights Day Commemorated in South Africa on Saturday March 21, 2015 in remembrance of the Sharpeville Massacre of March 21, 1960 where the government of apartheid South Africa shot and killed 69 people and injured a further 180.Google+

Sharpeville Massacre - National Human Rights DayThe 2015 National Human Rights Day of South Africa was commemorated in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape province; this location was chosen in order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Uitenhage Massacre which occurred on March 21, 1985.

The Uitenhage Massacre took place on Thursday of March 21, 1985 when the members of the South African Police of the apartheid government opened fire at the funeral procession crowd Maduna Road between Uitenhage and Langa in the Eastern Cape.

The funeral procession police shot at on that fateful morning was headed to a burial banned by the government of apartheid South Africa.

Several hours later after the shooting Louis Le Grange – the minister of law and order of the government of apartheid South Africa, speaking in parliament, claimed that the behavior of the crowd had justified the action taken by the police, however, it later emerged that his claims had very little accuracy if any at all.

March 21 is a National Human Rights Day in South Africa since 1994, it was once known as Sharpeville Day.

It has been reported that in Port Elizabeth and in the Uitenhage are the day (March 21) is sometimes commemorated as “Langa Day” in remembrance of the events that took place there on March 21, 1985.

The Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Michael Masutha, represented President Jacob Zuma and officiated at the national Human Rights Day commemoration.

This was because President Jacob Zuma had attended the funeral of the late Minister of Public Service and Administration, Collins Chabane, who died in a car crash last Sunday morning (March 15, 2015).

This year’s commemoration theme is “Celebrating the Freedom Charter, Enjoying Equal Human Rights for All”.


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