Mozambican Emmanuel Sithole brutally attacked and dies

A Mozambican named Emmanuel Sithole was brutally attacked in in Alexandra township in Johannesburg in the Gauteng province of South Africa and later died at Edenvale Hospital from injuries sustained during the assault. Google+

Killing Emmanuel SitholeThe Times Live website provides a vivid narrative of the events that took place “yesterday” on Saturday April 18, 2015 at the Alexandra township of Johannesburg in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

“Shortly before 7am yesterday [April, 18, 2015], Sunday Times journalists were in Alexandra township, near Sandton, speaking to shop owners who had their businesses looted overnight. Children played, people walked the streets, some stopped to gawk at the carnage from the night before. Then this happened …,” The Times Live articles begins.

The attack of Mozambican national named Emmanuel Sithole took place in the scene of the Friday April 17, 2015 looting in front of the onlookers and journalists and the whole incident was captured on camera.

The Friday April 17, 2015 looting of shops owned by foreigners is believed be a Xenophobia related incident.

Emmanuel Sithole Killed“A man in a black corduroy jacket and red shirt [Emmanuel Sithole] was walking along the road when a young man dressed in a grey tracksuit jacket beat him over the head with a wrench (spanner).

“The red-shirt man [Emmanuel Sithole] tried to fend off the blows, his arms raised. He stumbled back, falling into rubbish strewn by the roadside. The blows with the wrench rained down. Then the bludgeoning stopped and the man with the wrench moved away.

“The man in the red [Emmanuel Sithole] shirt got up. Now another man with a beige spottie approached, Emmanuel Sithole Diesholding an okapi knife high above his head. Again, the man in the red shirt raised his hands, pleading for mercy. But his pleas were in vain. He was stabbed … again and again.

“The two grappled and fell to the floor. The man with the wrench returned. Finally, a lanky young man sprinted towards the man among the rubbish, kicking him in the head. The young man pulled a butcher’s knife. A man in a black leather jacket who had discouraged the attack grabbed the wrist with the butcher’s knife. The attackers fled.

Emmanuel Sithole Dying“The red-shirt man [Emmanuel Sithole] tried to get up but fell. Finally he made it to his feet. Feebly, he walked up the road.

“Do you know why they attacked you? Who are you? Where are you from, we asked him.

“He turned his head towards the questions fired at him, his face pleading. He said nothing. His shirt was drenched, a 2cm gash in his chest.

Emmanuel Sithole“Metres further he stumbled and lay down in the gutter. He struggled to sit up and fell down, The Times Live website reported.

Photographer James Oatway asked the onlookers to help get the wounded man in the car and he was rushed to Alexandra Day clinic where the day who is a foreign national had failed to show up due to fears of Xenophobia.

The nurses on duty did what they could before Emmanuel Sithole was taken .

“Along the way the man was flailing wildly, sitting up, lying down, wincing with pain. The wound to his chest was gushing now,” this is according to Times Live website.

Upon arrival at Edenvale Hospital, by this time Emmanuel Sithole looked lifeless, on of the porters attending to them was quoted as declaring, “He’s dead. We can’t take him.”

However a gag reflex forced them to take him in and proceed with efforts to save his life.

“Inside the ICU, doctors compressed his chest, massaging his heart. After nearly seven minutes a ventilator was used. Shortly after 9am Emmanuel Sithole was pronounced dead. He was Mozambican. The stab wound to his chest had penetrated his heart, the Time Live website reported.


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