Motaung Jr. sent to “Oxford” due to Komphela

Kaizer Chiefs is said to be working on a permanent solution regarding the Steve Komphela problem. The Naturena side, for the first time, is faced with a rather perplexing problem which has left many literally confused – ask Robert Marawa, he will tell you. He asked Steve Komphela a simple question about football and got an answer about; symbols, expression??, offense, black and Jesus – and who knows what else.

Back to the matter at hand; Steve Komphela took over from Stuart Baxter what may be described as a hard-knocking team which romped to a league title in a spectacular fashion and what did he do, he let it finish 5th. Many wondered why was he not fired. Well it has since surfaced that it is not just Robert Marawa and the other sport journalists who have been left confused by Steve Komphela.

The first time Bobby Motaung and his father (Kaizer Motaung Sr.) tried to fire Steve Komphela they said to him: “Steve, the team is not performing well, as a result, we have to release you from your contract”. Old Steve Komphela replied: “Look across the boarder, Zimbabwe is still there. The Jews walked for forty years across the barren desert.”

Steve Komphela spoke with such conviction and confidence that the genius behind the Kaizer Chiefs brand (Motaung Sr.) was left dumbfounded, forget about poor Bobby. In his (Motaung Sr.) many decades in football as a player and club boss he has never seen something like the Steve Komphela issue. He says he feels there is a certain level in which Steve Komphela communicates and it is the level they have not yet reached.

Steve Komphela is well read and had many exploits overseas as a player where he learned various ways of expressing himself, deflecting rebuke and outright avoiding the axe. In an effort to counter this, Motaung Sr. has decided to send his only bright son, Motaung Jr., overseas to obtain a degree in English and upon his return the first order of business would be to inform Steve Komphela that he is fired.

Steve Komphela does not avoid the media or his bosses; he come straight at them and then confuse the daylights of of them. The likes of Kwena Moabelo find themselves wanting and Cebo Manyapelo would not stand a chance if he could ever try to interview Steve Komphela. Our hope for now is Duane Dell’oca.

Hopefully in a few years, 3 years – maybe 5 years, Kaizer Motaung Jr. will return from overseas armed with a degree big enough to express to Steve Komphela that he was fired in his first season but no one, at the time, possessed the English big enough to tell him so.

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