Mac Maharaj on Nkandla Report: create a culture of taking responsibility for our actions

Mac Maharaj recently weighed in on Nkandla Report and the saga surrounding the security upgrades at President Jacob Zuma‘s private residence, most notably being quoted saying, “what is important is we create a culture of taking responsibility for our actions”. Google+

Mac MaharajMac Maharaj, was a Presidential Spokesperson and Special Advisor to President Jacob Zuma – once referred to by the media as “Mac the Mouth”, was being interviewed by the Financial Times when he was quoted saying; “I’d say this is the biggest weakness of the administration. From the beginning I said to him, ‘President, prepare yourself for repayment.”

He was referring to the R246 million spent on security upgrades at Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla private homestead which was later probed by the public protector’s, Thuli Madonsela, office. Thuli Madonsela‘s probe into the matter concluded that the President unduly benefited in the wake of the project.

In her report Thuli Madonsela recommended that the president payback some of the money spent during the project which was meant to be security upgrades. The public protector’s report was met with stern resistance by the president’s camp.

Since then an ad hoc committee has been set up and is hard at work having visited the residence in question and is interviewing concerned parties.

During his time as the presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj was called to President Jacob Zuma‘s defense on numerous occasions, this includes the Nkandla issue, which the president has consistently brushed aside and referred it to others.

“This was before the report came out. And I said, ‘If you have a problem, I’m sure that in your present position it won’t be difficult to raise [the money]’. He said, ‘No I did not ask for those security enhancements. I’m not paying,” Mac Maharaj recalled.

Perhaps the may be most haunting to the president was when he said, “… however this thing pans out, what is important is we create a culture of taking responsibility for our actions.”


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