Love lockdown for AKA and Bonang Matheba

“They [AKA and Bonang Matheba] support it each in everything that they do. They are both really busy and it really is a matter of putting time together in their schedules. But they go the extra mile for each other,” an ‘source’ was quoted by the Times LIVE. Here you are talking about a relationship that was once a ‘rumour’ perpetuated by the ‘unscrupulous’ media.

The so called ‘unscrupulous’ media had once perpetuated a ‘rumour’ which sought to claim that AKA was in a relationship with Ntombezinhle Jiyane (DJ Zinhle). With the birth of baby Cairo Forbes the media quickly forgave the former couple for trying to deceive the public by claiming they were not in a relationship and also, at this point, they were really not in a relationship or at least it was falling apart with the introduction of a rumour that AKA had began seeing Bonang Matheba.

As we all learned was followed were bitter words exchanged over Twitter, even DJ Euphonik found himself entangled in the matter. With time the bitterness subsided (hopefully) and a beautiful thing blossomed. AKA Forbes and Bonang Matheba are officially a couple and it is no longer a rumour. Making the relationship official has certainly helped avert further rumours and speculation by the media.

The media is one thing but in the age of the social network you still have the rest of the world to worry about. Any person with a smart phone and R5 to buy data will have their say. AKA Forbes and Bonang Matheba learned this on Christmas Eve when started trending. It is not farfetched to claim that this in wake of the engagements of a few it-girls in South Africa.

It is understood that Pearl Modiadie‘s engagement has since fell apart but Bonang Matheba must stil contend with Pearl Thusi and Minnie Dlamini who, both, have always been hot at her heels. It may be safe to say if the two (Pearl Thusi and Minnie Dlamini) are to ever catch up to Bonang Matheba, they have a lot more that a lot of work to do. Bonang Matheba’s or Queen B*’s (as she is also known) rein does not look like it will end soon. It is of great importance to note: Take nothing from these two ladies (Pearl Thusi and Minnie Dlamini), they are just as successful as Bonang Matheba.

Today AKA and Bonang Matheba proudly take selfies and display their love for all to see and it is undoubtedly a beautiful sight, in fact a sight so beautiful it may very well be a source of jealousy for many. The pair is no “bunch of small fish”. Given time and with the continued success of their relationship, they could easily go on to be among the most powerful couple in the world – yes, the world.

Bonang Matheba is barely 30 years old, with patience and consistence hard work, imagine what she will achieve in the next 20 to 30 years. Bonang Matheba could easily go on to be the first entertainment billionaire from South Africa, already with proven staying power. When she first left live it was unimaginable where she came make the same impact but look at her now. She has even been on Top Billing.

AKA, with arrogance and all, he is at the very top of the South African hip hop game. The good news for Mr. Forbes is that there is still the entire world to conquer. He’s got the talent, the head, the nose, the looks and the ego to match; it is hard to imagine what could possible stop the juggernaut that is AKA from pursuing the international stardom as a hip hop star.

Put AKA Forbes and Bonang Matheba together, for the long haul, people will laugh at you if you say they are from South Africa. Individually they have all the makings of a superstar (superstars came came from anywhere) and together they have all the makings of an unstoppable super-team.


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