Lizelle Tabane

Lizelle Tabane is a South African woman who came to fame after having her picture published on the cover of the Sunday Times following her trip with then African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) President Julius Malema to Mauritius. Following the article on the cover of the Sunday Times, she became widely known as Julius Malema‘s girlfriend.

Born Lizelle Tabane
1990 or 1989
North West, South Africa
Occupation Unknown
Claim to Fame Julius Malema‘s girlfriend
Since 2011 – to date
Education University of Pretoria
Project management
Continuing Education at University of Pretoria Trust
Also Known For Dating George Leshaba
Teko Modise

Lizelle Tabane is infamously known as Julius Malema’s girlfriend despite the fact that both Julius Malema and her have denied this association.

This association is as a result of her trip to Mauritius to attend wedding of Limpopo businessman, David Mabilu, planned and co-ordinated  by former Generations star Sophie Ndaba.

A tag she received after accompanying the then embattled ANC Youth League leader, Julius Malema, to a wedding of Limpopo millionaire David Mabilu.

Lizelle Tabane is believed to have been born in Bethanie, North West, South Africa or at least somewhere in the North West province.

The now famed Sunday Times article revealed that she was raised in Rustenburg, North West, South Africa.

It has since been reported that her family home is now in Pretoria in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

Her date of birth have never been conclusively established either.

When she first came to public attention she was studying at the University of Pretoria.

The Sunday Times article stated that she was 21 years old at the time which would have meant that she was born in 1990 or 1989.

In that article, it also came out that Lizelle Tabane is or was an aspiring model.

Since the days of that infamous Sunday Times article, Lizelle Tabane has graduated from being Julius Malema‘s girlfriend to being Julius Malema‘s ex-girlfriend while more stories about her and  her life continue to emerge.

These include claims that she was in a relationship with a married North West businessman George Leshaba.

Lizelle Tabane was also in a relationship with fame South African footballer and Mamelodi Sundowns midfield kingpin Teko Modise, with who the appeared on SABC 3’s lifestyle magazine show, Top Billing.



Relationship with Julius Malema and the Trip to Mauritius

Lizelle Tabane came to fame almost overnight, following Julius Malema‘s highly publicized Long Walk to Economic Freedom, he was whisked off from the finishing point of the walk by a convoy and headed for the airport where he boarded an Air Mauritius Airbus to Mauritius.

Julius Malema and Lizelle Tabane
Julius Malema (center right) and Lizelle Tabane (far right), Mauritius

Tabane is believed to have not been in that Airbus with Julius Malema, instead, she was in a flight charted by David Mabilu for his guests.

In the Sunday Times article, it was reported that Julius Malema checked into a Long Beach resort suite which the hotel records showed it was booked for two people.

While there, the pair was reportedly seen smiling, laughing, holding hands and cavorting. They also refused to be photographed as they walked down the red carpet during the wedding ceremony. They also sat at separate tables at the reception.

The pair reportedly disappeared briefly during the reception and joined the party two hours later at the Bombara Night Club.

Despite a report fairly sketchy on the details, Lizelle Tabane has always maintained that she is not Julius Malema’s girlfriend nor has she ever been.

There is no known connection between Tabane and Malema prior to the Mauritius Wedding and has not been since.



The Aftermath and Revelation of the Relationship with George Leshaba

Following the Mauritius Spectacle, Lizelle Tabane carved her name in history. Julius Malema, a colossal figure in South Africa and South African politics. More for all the wrong reasons and hardly, if ever, for the right reasons.

Lizelle_tabane_julius_malema_girlfriendOften depicted as stupid and uncivilized, it is often hard to think of Julius Malema capable of making simple positive decisions much less get a date.

This was perhaps the first and only time where Julius Malema made headlines for anything either that saying something without thinking it through.

The media took interest in the woman who stole the heart of their beloved Julius Malema, this was not all positive for Tabane and her personal life.

Shortly after Malema was expelled from the ANC, reports emerged that Tabane was facing her own personal battles as her married boyfriend North West businessman, George Leshaba, was calling her out on her relationship with Julius Malema.

The media reports stated that Tabane was thrown out of her North Pretoria house which belonged to North West businessman and had her Volkswagen Scirocco, which was also registered to Leshaba taken away from her.

teko_modise+lizelle_tabane+Top BillingTabane denied that Leshaba had bought her a house but admitted to a car and went on to add that there had been two cars prior to the Volkswagen Scirocco. The Volkswagen Scirocco had to be reported stolen after Tabane refused to return it to Leshaba, she was arrested at the recovery of the car and the charges were later dropped by Leshaba.

She told the Sunday World that she had been in a relationship with Leshaba a year earlier and ended things in June months before she traveled to Mauritius with Julius Malema. In that report, Tabane also claims that she wasn’t aware that Leshaba was married.

She also accused Leshaba of being abusive, insecure and obsessed with her and cited that behavior as the reason she had to leave him.

She used that opportunity reiterate that she was not Julius Malema‘s girlfriends “I’m not dating Julius and I never have”. Adding that when she traveled to Mauritius, she was a single woman.



Relationship with Teko Modise

Shortly after the George Leshaba debacle, Lizelle Tabane quickly moved on to another notorious figure in South Africa.

This time, a former Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana midfielder who had taken his talents to big spending Pretoria outfit, Mamelodi Sundowns.

Lizelle Tabane and Teko Modise
Lizelle Tabane and Teko Modise

Tabane’s relationship with Teko Modise is perhaps the most bizarre, it was a subject of strange media scrutiny, Modise seemed uncomfortable and frigid in the photographs. It looked more like a gimmick that Modise was never let in on.

There are so many things that have been reported about their relationship that it is nearly impossible if they engaged, in a relationship or even still together.

At one point, Tabane and Modise were so madly in love that Modise paid Lobola of R20 000 for her, a far cry from the R1 million that his fellow footballer, Itumeleng Khune was reported to be paying for girlfriend Minnie Dlamini.

It was not long before the reports of Modise demanding his R20 000 back from

Tabane’s family surfaced, this was because Modise had learned that Tabane may be having an affair.

In early 2014, there were reports that Teko Modise had demanded that Tabane quit her job at Alexander Forbes in Sandton.

After that, Lizelle Tabane reportedly left Modise and returned to her parent’s home in Pretoria, in the wake of the break up she accused him of being gay and cited his failures in the bedroom as a contributing factor in the collapse of their relationship.



Disputed Matric Qualification and Enrollment at University of Pretoria

When the Mauritius story first broke in 2011, Lizelle Tabane was reported to be studying Project Management at the University of Pretoria.


Since then, her life has become a subject of scrutiny that the Sunday World reported that her university records may now be at odds with the initial report that she was studying Project Management.

Tabane was reported to be studying a course in project management presented by Continuing Education at University of Pretoria Trust (CE at UP) which offers non-formal programmes or short learning programmes which are not credit bearing on the National Qualification Framework (NQF).

Such programmes do not have the same admission requirement as those presented by the University of Pretoria as they do not lead to formal qualification.

These revelations came after it was suspected that Tabane may not even have passed her matric.

Tabane maintained that she had obtained her senior certificate and was going to be graduating soon from the graduate centre at the University of Pretoria where she had been studying Project Management.



Employment and Resignation

Lizelle Tabane was employed by Alexander Forbes, finance management firm in Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng until her then fiancé, Mamelodi Sundowns midfielder, Teko Modise asked her to resign due to suspected infidelity.