• Amazing in Zulu is Kuyamangalisa

However, depending on the context or whether you are referring to a person or a thing.

  1. person; uya-mangalisa
  2. thing; kuya-mangalisa  or iya-mangalisa
  3. place; iya-mangalisa or liya-mangalisa

example 1:

  • English: That boy is amazing
  • Zulu: Lo mfana uyamangalisa

example 2:

  • English: This food is amazing
  • Zulu: Lokhu kudla kuyamangalisa

example 3:

  • English: This car is amazing
  • Zulu: Le moto iyamangalisa

example 4:

  • English: Durban is amazing
  • Zulu: I-Thuku liyamangalisa


Isimangaliso, Mangalisa,