Klipspruit West Secondary refuses to accept black principal

Klipspruit West Secondary in the south of Johannesburg still refuses to accept black principal as they demand that the Gauteng Department of Education appoint a coloured, Indian or White principal. In the resulting fallout coloured teachers in the south of Johannesburg embarked on a go-slow in solidarity with parents of Klipspruit West Secondary.

“There are over 28 schools in the Eldorado region alone and most of those schools are not teaching today (yesterday),” Charis Pretorius, spokesperson for the Greater Eldorado Park Business Forum, told The Star of the Independent Newspapers.

“We have reliably been informed that some coloured educators in about nine schools in coloured communities in Johannesburg West will embark on a go-slow in solidarity with Klipspruit-West,” Gauteng MEC for Education Panyaza Lesufi  was quoted.

“The department condemns the go-slow, as all the concerned parties are working tirelessly to resolve the impasse. The department implores educators to adhere to the code of conduct and desist from taking part in any activities that compromise effective teaching and learning,” Panyaza Lesufi said.

Steve Mabona, a spokesman for Panyaza Lesufi, said the new appointment will  have to get the blessing of the School Governing Body (SGB).

“Its a complicated process because there a number of elements that he has to consider. The first being the safety of the new principal. Then there is the issue of the SGB, because it was disbanded and, as such, a new appointment would have to get the blessing of that body,” Steve Mabona said.

“But to do that, a new SGB has to be elected; the post will have to be readvertised and interviews will have to be done.”


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