What is Kanye West’s Best Album To Date is the Question

What is Kanye West’s Best Album To Date is the perhaps the biggest hip hop Question yet. Kanye West, affectionately known as Yeezy, like many of today’s hip hop artists, is preceded by the two best hip hop artists to ever walk the face of the earth, Biggy and Pac, yet he has somehow managed to distinguish himself not just as a rapper but a musician and a greatest artist of his generation.

In most hip hop quarters the consensus is that his 2004 debut album, The College Dropout and the 2005 followup  Late Registration aren’t just his best work so far, they are also among the best hip hop albums ever produced.

As it turns out, I don’t disagree entirely, here’s my opinion.

1. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, 2010

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Yeezy can be proud to have produced such a masterpiece, it is guineas, it is progressive, it is full of hits, any true hip hop fan could listen to this album all day long. In this album, there are instant hits such as Power, All of the Lights, Runaway and Monster then there classics such as Lost in the World, Dark Fantasy, Gorgeous, Hell of a Life, Blame Game, So Appalled and Lost in the World. In this album, Kanye West had hit his strides and transcended all hip hop stereotypes.




2. Late Registration, 2005

Late Registration
Late Registration

I was losing my mind over this album, Gone still rings in my mind when I hear any Kanye West song.

The album was the phenom in its entirety not to mention that it came after what was already fully mastered piece of art. Gold Digger was a revelation, Diamonds from Sierra Leone, Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix), Touch the Sky, Heard ‘Em Say, Touch the Sky and Drive Slow, among the best hits in the album and there instant classics and my ultimate personal favorites Gone & Roses.



3. The College Dropout, 2004

The College Dropout
The College Dropout

Who could ever forget Through the Wire? Then there was Jesus Walks and All Falls Down. New artists come along every day the world over, they produce their first album and then it “All Falls Down”, they fail to follow up, this album remains a benchmark of Kanye West’s musical talent.

It is incredibly hard to imagine how Kanye West has successfully done better over and over again after this album. Never Let Me Down was among the stand out tracks in this complete and unbelievable product.



4. Graduation, 2007


Following in the footsteps of The College Dropout and the Late Registration, Kanye West simplified this album in a sense that it very friendly to all sorts of listeners, the lyrics were not as complex and far reaching as those of the previous two albums.

Songs like Stronger, Champion and Good Life were really written and performed for an average music fan, yet still very lyrically and musically creative, West himself was quoted as saying he attempted to make “people’s theme songs”.




5. Yeezus, 2013


Following a lukewarm compilation album, Cruel Summer, Yeezus, despite a minimalist album cover, was bold, daring and shocking in every sense.

The style and lyrics of the lead single Black Skinhead sound like they meant to provoke and offend. The album has all the hallmarks of an experienced artists full of confidence and conviction. T

hen there is Bound 2, in which Charlie Wilson appears uncredited, an instant hit, instant classic. The album features other timeless songs such as Blood on the Leaves and New Slaves.


6. 808s & Heartbreak, 2008

808s & Heartbreak
808s & Heartbreak

This is the album they will go down in history as Kanye West’s most honest and vulnerable, when the album was first released I felt indifferent about it.

It took me a long time to warn up to it, accept it and finally learn to appreciate the absolute guineas in it.

The reviews of the album tell a contrasting story, while in many hip hop quarters befuddlement ruled over the album, some were very quick in noticing what is now an absolute honest work of a music guineas.

The albums lead singles were Love Lockdown, Heartless, Amazing and Paranoid.


7. Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z), 2011

Watch the Throne
Watch the Throne

There is a lot E-for-Effort surrounding this album, thanks to Cruel Summer we quickly forgot about this over-publicized, overrated, Rocking-Flashy-Album-Cover Album by two hip hop super powers of the recent years.

The album was not disastrous, the thing is, when you hear that Jay-Z and Kanye West will collaborate on the entire album you really have to pay attention or you might just miss the whole thing. The bigger problem is the Watch the Throne over shadowed what is, by almost all accounts, Kanye West’s best work so far, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

In Watch the Throne, songs like Otis and Lift Off truly carried the album. H-A-M and Paris were also quite good, I particularly liked Paris yet on my playlist it sits below Ray J’s I hit it first. Although I can’t really put my finger on it, there is something missing in this album. If anything, it feels more like Jay-Z’s more than it is Kanye West’s.




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