It would be difficult for ANC NEC to agree on a presidential candidate

African National Congress secretary general Gwede Mantashe has reportedly issued the final warning to his party’s MPs ahead of the historic secret no confidence vote. President Jacob Zuma faces an unprecedented 8th motion of no confidence vote.

“He told us it would be difficult for the ANC National Executive Committee to agree on a presidential candidate within the 30 days, as required by law; that could lead to an early election,” an unnamed source was quoted by News24.

Meanwhile DA MPL and Joburg regional chairperson Khume Ramulifho said they had had enough of President Jacob Zuma nd urged ANC MPs to vote against their leader, “We’ve had enough of him. If they fail to remove him 2019 is not very far. Revolutions usually take place in August. Last year (in August) the ANC was voted out in many municipalities. If they have not learnt their lesson, they will learn a bigger lesson in 2019.”

“We hope there are ANC MPs who are not going to vote for their stomachs, because we are in this mess today because ANC politicians, led by one Jacob Zuma, decided to think with their stomachs first and put South Africans last,” Khume Ramulifho said.


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