Happy New Year

Dear Reader,

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Here at Incwajana we hope that you entered the New Year safe and in good spirit. Google+

We hope this is the in which you will fulfill the dreams you have been unable to fulfill in previous years, the year you will get started with the things have not been able to.

The pressures that come with the New Year include wanting to change everything all at once but if we take it one step at time and learn to do small things, one day we will wake up to a day which we would have done big things.

May the year 2015 be your year; a year of patience, courage, kindness, love, happiness and prosperity.

We are very thankful to you, the reader, for your support.

Everything we were able to do and achieve in the year 2014, we were only able to because of your support.

We may never look at that year as entirely successful, it is also the years in which we lost a dear friend, colleague and brother – Sizwe Ngema.

It was his great vision and intelligence that Incwajana was realized.

He gave us the tools and the know how, everyday, as we build towards the future; we do so hoping to him, his memory, what he stood for and to build on the lessons he passed on to us.

Sizwe Ngema taught us one very important lesson, when you share knowledge and what you have learnt – you lose nothing but empower others and expand the growth potential of that knowledge and we now know to certainly that passing on what you’ve learnt may the human beings’ greatest purpose in life.

Go out there, learn, share, pass what you’ve learnt on to others and empower them.

The Years 2015 is yours.


Yours Faithfully




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