Happy New Year, even in 2017 we still own this behavior

Finally 2017 is here so is the conclusion of this festive season. Of course we are not just going to abruptly stop, we will ease ourselves out of the celebrations. December 16, 2016 was just the other day – I can still remember the queues everywhere. One liquor shop in my neighborhood had to close it’s doors and let in people in smaller groups and one thing was clear, the festive was on.

Then you had uBabes Wodumo blasting in the taxis, cars, homes, shacks and everywhere there was something that can play music. It wasn’t just Babes Wodumo but you had the Kings of the Weekend, King Monada, AKA, Kelly Khumalo, Robbie Malinga and many others who made efforts to entertain us during the festive.

Although I’m ashamed and feel like I’m not hip for admitting this, I didn’t care much for Babes Wodumo‘s “Wololo”, I was more into Durban’s Finest ft Professor, “Umsindo”. In fact at midnight when the song didn’t play, I just started singing it, that is how much faith I had in it being song of the year. If no radio station was going to play it at midnight, I was just going sing it.

Before I forget; Happy New Year. I really do hope that this one is yours in terms of success, prosperity, love, family and all the things that matter the most. The things that nourish without impoverishing, the things that allow us to grow kinder and wiser. Spread love and goodwill; smile, hug, kiss and high-five.

As I was saying, things have happened since that December 16 morning and the proof is in the bank balance for most of us and you would think we would eventually learn but somehow we just don’t. I think Dr. Malinga said it well when he said (in his song), “Akulaleki Mawunemali” (You can’t sleep when you have money).

There is this nagging feeling that you need a little more food, a few more snacks and just a bit more alcohol. Then you leave all of that at home and go to the beach, later in the day you got out with friends or maybe go see a movie if you leave in the city – and some drive to the nearest city.  While out there you are spending and everything you bought is sitting at home. It’s fun that way.

After Christmas Day I felt so horrible, I swore I would never touch alcohol again. I blamed alcohol because after Christmas lunch I felt I successfully outsmarted binge eating. I even touch my tummy just to be sure, so when I woke feeling like… (I don’t know how to describe that horror of a feeling), it was only right that I blame alcohol. Then I was sick for a couple of days but nothing could keep me away from that bottle, that pot, that packet of chips, muffins, ice cream and who knows what else.

The reasoning was that the stuff is bought and must be used, especially the alcohol. Not to mention the crowded small fridge, I desperately needed to see what’s going on at the back and I also needed space for water. How I ended up at the shops on New Year’s Eve afternoon is beyond me and I certainly can’t explain why I feel so horrible right now because I had swore no more alcohol for me.

The chaos at midnight was beyond words; there is a station wagon from three houses down, it was moving – in all the years I’ve lived on this street I didn’t know it was operational. Maybe I had too much to drink, in the age of a smart phone someone probably took a video. We will see. I’ve always loved the smell of firecrackers at midnight but I’m not so sure I even smelled any last night.

Today volumes of people are headed to the beaches; it’s the festive season’s encore. We are scraping the last cents to hire a taxi and maybe feel up the cooler box with some beverages (the city doesn’t like that – with good reason, it’s dangerous). Later today we are going to be so tired we might actually get a good night sleep for the first time in 15 days.

Most of us need to get back as early as next week Monday. No money for the train ticket, no money for the taxi, no money for lunch and certainly no money for the extra trimmings. At least there is all this food we have been running round avoiding and when it is finished, we could use a detox.

Happy New Year and Good Luck, to all of us.


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