Do you have Ebola; The Symptoms

The Ebola Virus outbreak in western Africa has gripped the world with fear and now there has been three reported cases in the United States of America (USA) resulting in one death and one case in Spain resulting in no death – as of October 16, 2014. Google+

The country heavily affected by the Ebola virus disease is Liberia with over 4000 cases reported and over 2400 deaths and their immediate neighbor to the north, Sierra Leone, there over 3000 case have been reported resulting in just over a thousand deaths.

Across the world, nearly 9000 case have been reported and have resulted in just over 44oo deaths with just one death outside the African continent (United States of America).

  • Cause

The Ebola virus disease is caused by viruses classified in the genus Ebolavirus, family Filoviridae, order Mononegavirales; more specifically, those viruses are Bundibugyo virus (BDBV), Sudan virus (SUDV), Taï Forest virus (TAFV), and one called, simply, Ebola virus.

  • Transmission

Human-to-human transmission of Ebola virus occurs only via direct contact with blood or body fluid from an infected person – including direct contact with an infected dead body, or by contact with objects contaminated by the virus.

Animals to humans transmission of Ebola virus  occurs only via contact with, or consumption of; an infected mammal, such as a fruit bat, or ape.

Entry points include; the nose, mouth, eyes, or open wounds, cuts and abrasions.

  • Diagnosis

The Ebola virus disease can only be diagnosed though laboratory tests.

The genetic fingerprints of the Ebola virus disease can be found through testing the bodily fluids of the patient such as blood, vomit, etc.

  • Effects on the body

The Ebola virus disease attacks cells in the lining of blood vessels – fluids leak from the blood cells into the tissue and drops the blood pressure and makes it difficult for the blood to reach the organs, this can lead to blood clots and excessive bleeding.

  • Earliest Symptoms

The earliest symptoms of the Ebola virus disease are; fever, fatigue, headaches, and pain in the joints, muscles, and abdomen.

  • Later Symptoms

The Ebola virus disease later symptoms manifest themselves in; vomiting, diarrhea, rash, impaired kidney and liver function, and sometimes in internal and external bleeding.


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