DJ Sbu faces highs and lows as the scrutiny continues

DJ Sbu faces highs and lows as the scrutiny continues in the wake of the MoFaya debacle at the 14th Annual Metro FM Music Awards, the Bogus Forbes Africa magazine cover, getting fired at Metro FM, getting hired at Cliff Central, questions surround his claims of associations with Nike and UNICEF. Google+

Dj Sbu LeopeDJ Sbu (real name Sibusiso Leope) is no stranger to controversy, down the years – as it is often the case with successful entertainers – he’s had numerous run ins with his employers, the law, the media and so on.

It is important to note that for all the noise and rebuke, this time around DJ Sbu‘s intentions were hardly malicious or ill-intentioned.

DJ Sbu may very well be that black industrialist South Africa has been waiting for; he founded his own energy drink, this among people and the nation that often says “it can’t be done” and blames the government for everything that is not right with society.

DJ Sbu stand accused of misleading the public in a trial-by-media and social media.

Undoubtedly DJ Sbu rubbed several people and organization up the wrong way, this includes the stunt he pulled at the 14th Annual Metro FM Music Awards, essentially what he did undermined the sponsors of that awards show.

Furthermore, it is not farfetched to think that he could have gone about it the right way but then again, would he have gained as much hype? I guess we will never know.

Since that daring move at the 14th Annual Metro FM Music Awards DJ Sbu found himself at the center of the storm that was the bogus Forbes Africa magazine which David Kau just won’t give him a break over.

As if that was not enough, other personalities and celebrities including Phat Joe as well as Loyiso Gola and Minnie Dlamini at the 9th Annual South African Film and Television Awards just won’t let the MoFaya publicity stunt rest – it is not all bad news as this still amounts to free publicity.

What is not so positive though is the pink slip he received from the SABC Radio’s Metro FM.

On Tuesday March 31, 2015 the Sunday World website reported that DJ Sbu was caught in a “web of lies”.

This refers to claims he allegedly made that he is an ambassador for Nike and UNICEF; this has been conclusively established that he is not.

“UNICEF South Africa Country Office currently has no affiliation with Sibusiso Leope,” Siphelele Chingono was quoted by the Sunday World website.

“Nike Africa Communications Manager Seruscka Naidoo said DJ Sbu was not their brand ambassador, but had previously hosted some of their events,” the Sunday World website reported.

DJ Sbu was also scrutinized for claims that his energy drink, MoFaya, is SABS Approved – which it is not.

“The product in question, Mofaya Premium Energy Drink, is neither SABS-approved nor certified,” acting Group Manager of Marketing, Public Relations and Communications at SABS Thato Chabeli was quoted by the Sunday World website.

On Wednesday April Fools Day (April 1, 2015) he was a subject of some good news as he got a new from fellow controversy magnet motormouth Gareth Cliff at Cliff Central- there he will present an hour long weekly show on Thursdays from 9am to 10am.


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