Dali Mpofu Criticized for Representing Gareth Cliff

Dali Mpofu is being criticized by his Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) for representing Gareth Cliff in his R25 million lawsuit against M-Net. Gareth Cliff was fired from his job as the Idols South Africa judge after he insinuated that Penny Sparrow’s racist remarks were protected under the freedom of speech. Google+

Dali+MpofuGareth Cliff submitted an urgent application to the High Court in Johannesburg, asking to be reinstated as an Idols SA judge on M-Net after he was dismissed following a response to a racist tweet by Penny Sparrow. He is suing the channel R25 million, of that R25 million, R5 million is for defamation of character and R20 million is for loss of income.

In the wake of Gareth Cliff’s looming legal wrangle Dali Mpofu‘s name surfaced as his legal representative. Dali Mpofu is a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) – the African Nation Congress break away group – led by Julius Malema. Initial reports suggested that the party (EFF) had no objections with Dali Mpofu representing Gareth Cliff despite the fact that down the years Julius Malema (party founder and leader) had clashes with him.

“EFF acknowledges advocate Mpofu’s professional right and obligation to represent whomsoever approaches and briefs him on any issue that relates to law. Recent defence of Sparrow’s reference to blacks as monkeys and her despise of the black skin on the basis that it’s freedom of speech is totally unacceptable,” EFF’s deputy president Floyd Shivambu was quoted saying.

However, since the Times Live reported that the EFF had no objections with Dali Mpofu’s representation of Cliff, the SABC has since reported that the party is not pleased, “We’re not pleased by such representation. We’re not happy that he has decided to represent a racist because we’ve said it before and even now recently that Gareth Cliff is a racist and that all racists should be isolated and be banished from society,” Floyd Shivambu said while speaking to the SABC.

Meanwhile the ANC Youth League has accused Dali Mpofu of being racist sympathizer. In a statement issued on Tuesday night of January 19, 2015 , the ANC youth league referred to Dali Mpofu as a hypocrite who thrives on port politics. The ANC Youth League went on to say Dali Mpofu cannot be trusted and it criticized his involvement in the Marikana Commission, saying it was never about his conscience but more about his pocket.


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