Boity willing to discuss polygamy with future partner

Boity Thulo took to Twitter to tackle a thorny topic of polygamy and perhaps indicate her stance on it. Polygamy, the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time, it practiced in South Africa – although you cannot legally marry more than one person, you can culturally do and it is not criminalized.

The common practice in South Africa is that of taking more than one wife; known practitioners include the Zulu king; Isilo samabandla (King Goodwill Zwelithini KaBhekuZulu) and the incumbent president of the republic; President Jacob Zuma – who is also Zulu.

Boity Thulo’s views on the subject come at the time where the youth of South Africa is caught between many years of longstanding traditions and practices and ways of life dictated by the modern world. In recent years polygamy has been associated with barbarism and has been referred to as an outdated practice which seek to demean women.

Julius Malema, a famous South African political leader, once remarked ‘one man, one wife’. This was in reference to President Jacob Zuma‘s practice of polygamy. Never-the-less, the practice of polygamy is not illegal in South Africa and is practiced.

“I still have a lot to unlearn before giving an honest answer to this. Real talk. For now … I’m willing to discuss it with a future partner,” Boity Thulo wrote. “Great. So say you find one who has all the qualities you have ever wanted in a partner. They treat incredibly well, make you happy, etc… And the ‘perfect’ partner happens to have another partner. And s/he is honest about this to you. What do you do?,” Boity Thulo asked.

“I ask these questions as a form of learning an alternative way to love. I personally think the socially accepted way is flawed and depressing,” she wrote. “Them finding qualities that they love in another being other than you does not make you the wrong partner,” Boity Thulo tweeted. “See, this is at the top of why I started this conversation. How can the idea of a human being loving another being hurt us? :(”



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