ANC seeking solution for factionalism

The African National Congress is seeking solution for factionalism which has continually threatened the party since the storied 2007 Polokwane elective conference which ushered in the Jacob Zuma era almost 10 years ago. In the wake of that conference, defeated challenger then President of the party and the country Thabo Mbeki and most of his allies were marginalized and systematically pushed out.

Today, nearly at the end of his term, Jacob Zuma has indicated that he is aware of the lessons learned from such power struggles and seek to eradicate the possibility of the similar events occurring again. He was speaking the African national Congress policy conference in Johannesburg when he asked, “How do we get rid of factionalism? How do we find a remedy?”.

“Branches should consider adding a second deputy president by making changes to the constitution. Effective monitoring and evaluation of ANC policy implementation is needed at headquarters”, Jacob Zuma said.

“In Polokwane we saw a very good crop of leaders leaving the organisation and forming their own party,” he said.


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