ANC MP’s should not “hide behind secrecy” – Saftu

The South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) on Saturday said in a statement they “millions of angry South Africans” who are demanding that Parliament pass the motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma. That statement went on to say ANC MPs should not “hide behind secrecy”.

“[Zuma] transformed the African National Congress from being the leader of a national liberation struggle into a cringing apologist for a corrupt leadership.

“At a time of such a life-and-death crisis for the people of South Africa, it would be outrageous for ‘communists’ to hide behind the feeble excuse that they were elected on an ANC ticket to justify keeping in power a leader now exposed as a corrupt, greedy crook.

“They are just marching for a return to ‘the status quo’ and delude themselves that the problems of the Zuma-era will be resolved by a return to ‘normal’ capitalism or ‘business as usual. The underlying problems of a monopoly capitalist system, including its inbuilt corruption, and in South Africa its domination by whites, will remain in place.

“[The phrases have been] turned into empty, demagogic phrase-mongering to try to sound radical, when in practice they are implementing exactly the opposite policies, thus making it harder for genuine revolutionaries to re-legitimise these genuine and relevant ideas.

“The solution [for South Africa] lies in the very slogan hijacked by the corruptors – ‘radical economic transformation’, but it needs to be changed to ‘socialist economic transformation’ if we are to really transform the economy,” Saftu said in a statement.


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