ANC could be vulnerable to exploitation by opposition

A successful motion to have President Jacob Zuma removed from office could leave the African National Congress (ANC) vulnerable to exploitation by the opposition, something the party has managed to avoid so far – this is according to political analyst Susan Booysen.

“If the motion of no confidence against the president is successful the ANC’s mantra of unity will be proven to be false, and that would be something the opposition would be more than willing to exploit, because an ANC with factions is weaker than a unified ANC. The floodgates would surely be open,” said Susan Booysen.

It is becoming clearer that the ANC leadership is opposed to the confidence vote and those do vote against President Jacob Zuma would be breaking rank and essentially going at it all on their own.

“Had the ANC taken a decision to support that vote of no confidence we would have then said, ‘Here are the next steps beyond that point,’ but that’s not our decision [to support the motion],” said ANC treasurer general Zweli Mkhize.


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