2016 has been and gone

How about that, it feels just like yesterday that we were welcoming the year 2016 and we made all sorts of plans on how we were going to change our lives and possibly change the world. Needless to say, we all know how we fared, some better than others. However, ultimately it comes down to one thing, for all those who made it this far, the fighting chance exist still.

Perhaps what some of us may never learn is that little efforts on daily basis will eventually add up to a massive change we so desperately seek. When you look at it that way suddenly it makes perfect sense and 2016 was not as bad as you initially thought. Maybe you laid the foundations of your dreams, maybe you cut the soil or maybe you placed that first brick. I guess more power to you.

The year 2016 was a lot of things to a lot of people. Take the family of Sfiso Ncwane for instance; they lost a son, a father, a brother, a husband and friend. The passing of Sfiso Ncwane was felt across the entire nation, very few South Africans didn’t know who he was. President Jacob Zuma spoke of the magnitude of the passing of such a prominent figure.

Gugu Zulu’s family also lost a son, a father, a brother, a husband and friend and again you couldn’t possibly put it to words how difficult it must be for them. Perhaps to them 2016 will always have that bitter after taste for suddenly the scrutiny posed upon them was beyond all their measures.

The mention of the passing of these important figures in South Africa can not be highlighted enough; along with Maritzburg United midfielder, Mondli Cele, South African actor Nyembezi Kunene, American boxer Muhammad Ali and millions of other people, who we have never heard of, who lost their lives. These people, famous or not, to their families they were children, fathers, brothers, sister, mothers, cousins, friends, uncles, aunts and what have you.

We can not only look at 2016 with the bitterness of what we lost, what we couldn’t do or the negative things that happened to us. So many positives things also happened in 2016; perhaps the most important happened as recent as the second last week of 2016 when the United States of America abstained in a U.N. Security Council vote condemning Israeli settlements.

The move may very well mark a pivotal moment, although already over, in the Barack Obama presidency and his administration. The world blindly adhere to the needs of allies without considering the human suffering that is taking place on the ground. Very few people in the world have any understanding of what this would mean in the end.

The 2016 Rio Olympics took place and Caster Semenya walked away with a gold medal. Wayde van Niekerk also walked away with a gold medal and went on to break the world record in the 400 metres. Wayde van Niekerk also got engaged to his girlfriend of approximately three years – according to media reports.

The politics were up to their old entertaining standards; the opposing political parties made valiant efforts to have the incumbent President Jacob Zuma removed from office, however, their efforts bore no fruits. Jacob Zuma‘s presidency was however tested in 2016, it is understood that for the first time the African National Congress held a marathon meeting which sought to establish whether or not the calls to have the president removed from office were warranted.

The South African celebrities continued to make inroads in the international scene; none more than AKA, Bonang Matheba and Pearl Thusi. AKA‘s “The World is Yours” could easily be mistaken for an internationally produced hip hop hit. These are the things we witnessed in 2016 and should be proud of. It was a year of mixed fortunes for all of us, some events more glaring than others, as life should be.

On a more personal note, the year was the most trying for Incwajana. For the first time we felt that Incwajana was hitting the glass ceiling and we were out of resources and ideas – we needed more if we are to move forward. The numbers, the revenue and all things progress stagnated. We did what we could to hobble along and here we are with renewed vigour.

Away from the public eye we lost our mother, an indelible mark on 2016 no doubt. This is a woman we thought would live forever. She had been strong for so many years for forgot she was mortal. Her loss took me by surprise that upon hearing the news my first reaction was “who said?”. Not because I wanted to know who delivered the news but I thought it was too ridiculous to be true.

In the end we should all be eternally grateful for whatever God may be, saw it fit to allow us to go on and fight another day. The losses and the gains, the victories and the defeats, the progress and the setbacks; all in all, we look forward to a new year, it is there now, beyond those few hours ahead of us. May 2017 be yours – not because your dreams may be realized – but you will certainly be a step closer to them. Good luck, to all of us.


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